Services and pricing



Personal and portrait photography

Portraits in milieu:
3 photos 70 euros
5 photos 100 euros
Portraits in the studio:

3 photos 100 euros
5 photos 150 euros
Profile picture edited and cropped to size for social media (e.g. Instagram):

3 photos 80 euros

Event photography

Birthdays, weddings, christenings, other parties/events:

First hour 250 euros
If additional time needed 100 euros/hour

Corporate images

Corporate photos at the studio (1 photo per person):
1-5 people 50 euros/person
Over 5 people 45 euros/person

Promotional photos

Promotional photos in milieu:
2 photos 200 euros
Additional photos, price per photo: 100 euros
Promotional photos at the studio
2 photos 250 euros
Additional photos, price per photo: 100 euros

Product photography

Product photography in milieu:
3 photos 300 euros
Product photography at studio:
3 photos 300 euros

I recommend Premium Editing, which takes into account your wishes.
Price per product 70 euros

Video work

Prices for video work are determined on a case-by-case basis due to the varying scope of the projects. Feel free to contact me!

Free Basic Editing includes horizon correction, cropping, exposure and contrast check.

Premium Editing includes custom editing of images. 70 euros / photo session + 30 euros / additional editing request

In product photos, the price of Premium Editing is 70 euros per one product.